AC Winter 2024 RESEARCH


Welcome to the first publication of our monthly research driven logs. Here is where we log our collection development, inspiration and process behind our latest work. 


California deserts hold such diverse species of not only animals but also plants. These species are put to the ultimate test against the elements year round, yet can withstand this in many deferent ways depending the species. These natural shields help them survive and enhance the scenery California deserts.
The very harsh environment of the desert makes every species within it that much special. There is a species of tree called the Great Basin Pine that have been known to survive for over 4,000 years in these harsh environments. This force of nature drives us to make everlasting product.



Products being designed and developed hold a design element meant too keep one safe from these harsh elements. The development is focused on designing something that can be utilized in a modern city or in the middle of no where, both settings give the instinct of survival.

(Enhanced fabric for a utility driven design)




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